RoboMaster | 29th March 2021 | Monday | 11:00 AM-12:00 PM | Robotics Kit Included | 1 Month

Eligibility: Grade 2 Onwards Duration: 18 Live Classes  Trainer Qualification: Engineer and Robotics Expert Requirements: Mobile/Computer/Tab | Internet Connection Skill Level: Beginner About Course: This course is designed in such a way that the students can learn about the functional robotics and it’s practical usage in day to day life, for instance, the five projects which are the part of this course demonstrate as to where and how robotics plays a major role in different activities surrounding us every day. Let’s talk about the Traffic Light system, to begin with how these circuits along with pre-program work and the child can make his/her traffic light system from scratch through our live course at home. Similarly, another project demonstrates How the body is a good conductor of electricity through a Robotics. Another project teaches the child about why the car starts producing the sound in reverse gear when it nears the object at the back. The fourth project talks about how the street lights can automatically turn on and turn off as per the requirement. The last one which is the most exciting project is where the child can make its automated Robotics car which is controlled automatically by the sensor. Meanwhile, this course also includes an introduction to coding and programming and it uses to make these robots work. So RoboMaster is not just a course where your child is sitting in front of the system and typing on the keyboard but it shows how these coding programs are actually used in Real Life. Inclusions: By signing up for this course the child will be getting the following benefits:

  • Robotics kit which includes five projects mentioned above.
  • 18 Live Classes
  • Training Certificate
  • Lifetime access to this course on Robochamps Dashboard
  • Participation in World Record that is World’s Largest Robotics and Coding Classroom
  • Certification from World Book of Records, London for the same
  • Participation in our Student Premier League 2020
  • Participation in Live Webinars as a panelist to showcase your Robotics projects
  • Participate in our Robotics Quiz and Win an advance Robotics kit worth Rs 1 Lakh

Robotics Kit Includes: 1 x BC 547 2 x 470 ohms 3 x Battery 9v 5 x L.E.D 1 x Breadboard 20 x wires 1 x LIGHT DEPENDENT RESISTOR(LDR) 2 x 555 IC 2 x RESISTOR- 47K 2 x Green Led 2 x Yellow Led 2 x Red Led 2 x Variable Resistor- 100 kOhms 2 x 220 Ohm Resistor 2 x 470 Ohm Resistor 2 x 100uF Capacitor 1 x IC UM3561 1 x Variable Resistor 100KΩ 1 x 560Ω Resistor 1 x 100KΩ Resistor 1 x 10KΩ Resistor  1 x Transistor NPN BC547 1 x Speaker 8Ω 1 x Zener diode (3.3V) 1 x Push-button switch 3 1 x L293D 2 x IR Sensors 2 x Motors 1 x Chassis  2 x Wheels   1 x Castor Wheel   1 x Screw Kit 

Session - 1

Introduction to the course

Session - 2

Introduction to Components- Resistors and Capacitors

Session - 3

Learning about Components- L.E.D, Breadboard, Buzzer

Session - 4

Tinkercad and Arduino Introduction And Account Making

Session - 5

First project on Tinkercad- L.E.D Blinking

Session - 6

Second Project – Automatic Street Light

Session - 7

Third Project – Traffic Light

Session - 8

Learning About Arduino – L.E.D Blinking

Session - 9

Automatic Street Light Using Arduino

Session - 10

BCD-7 Segment Using Arduino

Session - 11

First Project- Body is a Good conductor

Session - 12

Second Project- Automatic Street Light Circuit

Session - 13

Third Project- Four Sound Generator Circuit

Session - 14

Fourth project – Traffic Light Circuit – Its components and Circuit Understanding

Session - 15

Fourth Project – Traffic Light Circuit Making

Session - 16

Fifth project – Line following Path Car- Concepts Understanding

Session - 17

Line Following – Base Preparation

Session - 18

Line Following circuit Connections and Working

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